Care instruction

All wooden, stained, polished and painted surfaces can be wiped with a soft and damp cloth. Please do not apply harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning pastes, as these might damage the surface and dull the painted or treated surfaces over time.

Fabrics can be vacuum cleaned or dusted off with a dry, soft brush or cloth. If stains have occurred on the fabric due to spilling accidents or such, a mild soap detergent diluted in warm water solution can be softly dabbed onto the fabric to attempt to remove the stain. Before applying the mild soap solution to the affected spot, please choose a non-visible test area to check if the mild soap solution changes the color of the fabric.

To extend the longevity of the fabric, water repellent treatment can be carried out for selected fabrics during production for made-to-order items and upon request. This treatment will be charged according to the material and quantity.

Our furniture products have been tested for normal use and normal weight load. Please do not place heavy loads on any furniture item, as this may lead to weakening of the material and breaking of joints.

Our furniture products are only suitable for indoor use and will not withstand harsh outdoors weather conditions, such as rain or excessive heat and sunshine, unless mentioned otherwise in the product description.

Please note, that children and pets should always be supervised, and we do not take any responsibility from children or pets climbing on top of furniture resulting in accidents or damage to the furniture items.

Please do not use the furniture other than for its intended use. Modification of furniture, stacking, joining, placing heavy loads on the furniture etc. might result in damage of the furniture pieces.